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Juniper TravelTech,
cutting-edge technology solutions for the Travel Industry

Boost the success of your business with Juniper Booking Engine and Juniper Hub, two revolutionary technology solutions 

Juniper TravelTech,the division that sets the starting point for Juniper Travel Technology

Juniper Travel Technology is proud to present Juniper TravelTech, the pioneering division that drove Juniper's technology development in the travel industry.

More than 170 Clients worldwide rely on Juniper TravelTech solutions.


Leading travel distribution solutions for the travel industry

Juniper TravelTech offers two innovative technology solutions for tourism businesses looking to optimize their operations and strengthen their presence in the tourism market.

These solutions, Juniper Booking Engine and Juniper Hub, are designed to meet the specific needs of the travel industry, providing a revolutionary approach to the managing and distribution of travel products.


Juniper Booking Engine

The most extensive and customizable booking engine in the world

This is a comprehensive, robust and flexible tool: its modular system allows maximum adaptability to your company’s demands and business volume.

The XML connectivity offered by Juniper is the most extensive on the market, providing you with over 1000 integrations to tourism product suppliers via Webservice.


Juniper Hub

The system that broadens the distribution network of tourist accommodations

Either if you are an accommodation Supplier or a Hotel Chain, take advantage of all the potential and connection possibilities of Juniper HUB.

Leading technology solutions in connectivity

Your Technology Partner of excellence, interconnected worldwide.

Juniper Numbers speak for themselves

+ 1
accommodation bookings
+ 1 M
activity and transfer bookings
+ 1 M
flight bookings
+ K
vacation packages bookings
+ 1 K
cruise bookings
+ 1 K

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